About us

Moreen is a certified American makeup artist who specializes in wedding makeup, special event makeup and makeup lessons. She studied makeup artistry from Online Makeup Academy New York, NY and aims to empower women through her beauty knowledge. She is an established makeup artist and travels far and near as per her clients needs and is in a suburb right out side of Chicago, Illinois Since 2011. Moreen perfectly teams up with her only sister Sunaina Mall where Moreen remains the makeup artist and Sunaina is the hairstylist of the business.

Moreen is also very active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. She also has a you tube channel by the name of Moreen Mua, where she educates her supporters about makeup.

Family Life

Moreen was born and raised in Pakistan in a Christian family. As a teenager she migrated to U.S with her parents and three siblings in 2001. She graduated from Waynesboro high school and attended Virginia common wealth University both located in the state of Virginia. Throughout her schooling, Moreen studied Biology, but her passion remained in makeup artistry. In 2011 Moreen with her family moved to the Chicagoland area and began to pursue her dream in makeup. She got married in Dubai on May 30, 2016 and lived with her husband Aneel for a little more than six months in Dubai, UAE. The couple is now back and resides in Chicago area.

Associated with

Moreen is also worshipper and the lead choir director at her local church by the name of New Revelation International Church. The church is running by her youngest brother Solomon Mall, who is also the Pastor in charge. Moreen, along with her sister Sunaina Mall and brother Pastor Solomon Mall has a worship band by the name of Revelation worshippers. They have recorded several worship songs along with videos available on you tube to watch. These soulful videos feature some of the best makeup artistry jobs by Moreen Mua.